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    hi!!! im jess, im from jersey and im about to get my first 6 chicks in march. i have my heart set on brahmas, buffs, and cochins. i get that the majority are not intense layers, but im more about personality than production. i have been to the library and read just about every **** book about raising chickens you can imagine. i am currently in the works of converting an 8X10 shed into a half potting shed, half pimped out chicken pad for my girls:) im so excited! im sure you all started out the same, anything to consider that you never read/heard about? i want to be prepared for it all!! haha
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    First off, Welcome to BYC! So glad you found us.

    Just jump in and read posts about raising chickens. Ask questions and I'm sure there will be plenty of helpers here with lots of great advise.

    You've picked some fun breeds and you are right, NOT the best layers. I have a buff brahma that hasn't laid an egg yet, but I just love her fluffy legs and watching her interact with the other chickens.

    I'd just keep the shed for chickens only. The more room for them, the better.
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    Howdy from Austin, Texas.
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    :welcome from Michigan. Glad you joined us.
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    Mahonri says: "I'd just keep the shed for chickens only. The more room for them, the better."

    Welcome! So glad to have you with us at BYC. I know you're going to love this site.

    As to what Mahonri said. . . That is a warning regarding "chicken math". Once you start raising these birds, you find you will never have enough room for them. If you plan on using only half the building you will need more coop room in short order. Trust me on this. Chicken math is insidious but great fun.
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    [​IMG] from Ohio

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