Input on this, especially aquaeyes

Wonder why that thread was locked?
I've read this a while back. The thread is locked because GBWF has moved their forum, and the thread in the link was from the old format. If you wish to continue on the thread, you'd need to post a new topic here and link back to the old one as a reference.

What I got out of that discussion was that people were selectively breeding what we'd basically call spaldings by using some interesting local races of both the IB and Green species, and especially sought out wild mutants like the one in the picture. They weren't breeding distinct mutations, per se, but selectively breeding for modifiers. For instance, you'll notice that there is variation in IB with regards to their wing barring pattern. If you selected for widely-spaced bars, over time you could get something that bred true. But it wouldn't be an "either-or" thing if crossed back onto regular IB.

Resolution was talking about something along those lines, but carried to a further extreme. It's about the closest to "breeds" of peafowl I can think of.

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