Input wanted...1st incubator


9 Years
Sep 30, 2010

Hubby built me a chicken egg incubator since i have a rooster & a laying hen. I'm only getting about 4 eggs a week. There is a computer fan & 50 watt light-bulb w/an automatic thermostat w/a thin piece of glass for a view. My husband is saying my little refrigerator magnet could not be correct so still needing some sort of thermometer. Not so easy to get things here, we live in Mexico. Does it need to maintain 102 degrees or not exceed? It's getting to be about 84 degrees outside in the sun now. Our lows in the 50's at night.

Is a small jar or container of water good enough for humidity? I have an egg from yesterday that is setting on the countertop waiting. Oh my, this is all so new and exciting. All help welcome.
Incubation temperature for air circulation incubator must be 99ºF to 100ºF

Higher temp may cause defects or chicks to hatch sooner

dont forget humidity 45% for 18 days and 65 - 70 the las 3 days

WHre in mexico you are

Im form Jalisco

but live in california

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