(insert noun here) bobcat!!!


8 Years
Mar 1, 2011
Over the rainbow...
So it's a bobcat that lives in a cotton field
I didn't even know they could live in a cotton field, I thought the need a cave to live in. I have 5 miles of field all around us so He has to travel a good way to get here but I guess having a "rooster farm" behind me he knows where to get a good meal. We almost had him tonight but he was just sly enough to not get shot in the head. Now we know exactly what path he takes to get here it will be easier to get him.

On to the good news of the night. My husband felt so bad about losing the 2 pekin, 1 khaki and 1 rouen (4 total for those counting) he got me 5 new baby Pekins for me to put all of my energy into
I really miss my babies and they were really close to laying age so it's kind of hard to start all over again. I was watching them in the tub today and cried because I was thinking how much I will miss seeing my big kids try to squeeze into the kiddy pool that was only meant to hold 3 teenage ducks. Wait what am I going to do with 5 babies?!

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