inside feeders with outside access-how important is this to you?


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Aug 19, 2010
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My Coop
My Coop
Our current coop is about 4' high and I have to walk in to reach anything, so it was a pain to fill feeders. So we rigged it so I have access from outside the coop. We're building a new coop that will be tall enough for me to walk into without stooping so I thought maybe outside access isn't so important with it. I'm afraid that making them accessible from outside will allow moisture to build up in the feeder somehow (although this has not happened on our current setup, in which the pvc goes into one of the nest boxes which have outside access). Also in order to make them accessible from outside we'll have to build something that sticks out of the side of the coop-it's enough that my hubby is building this new coop for me and he hates building stuff, so I hate to ask him to do any extras like this. Anyway what do you think?
I think posting pics would help... but otherwise, outside access is ok so long as it maintains feed dry at all tims, and cannot be removed by predators to access your hens,
thanks. I don't have pics (our new coop hasn't even been started yet) but I'm afraid if I don't put in outside access, I'll regret it. But I don't want to make dh go through the extra work of putting an outside compartment or whatever either.
We have covered feed stations outside along the wire walls of 4 of our runs. From the access hinged side they look like tall nest boxes. We used vinyl coated wire shelving 12-18 inches off the ground and wide enough for 1 gallon feeder and a metal feed pan. I like the pvc feeders. We had all this free found wood and misc so we built these feed stations.
My feeders are in the coop, and so are the garbage cans that store the feed, for my convenience. If i could feed and collect eggs from the outside, I'd go inside anyway, to check on things. As it is, I also use a lawn chair in there.

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