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May 20, 2017
My son has just hatched his third batch of chicks. These eggs came from the local auction. We had one hatch today that had a large reddish blob. (For lack of better term) protruding out of what I have determined is the belly button. It is quite lively and has gotten out of three "diapers"we made for it (trying to keep it contained while we figure out what to do). It pulled much of its intestines and insides out. We finally took a q- tip, took the cotton off, dipped it in anti biotic ointment and tediously got all but the original red "blob" back in. I'm trying to determine if it could possibly be the yolk sack, or if it's something that needs to go back inside. I thought it might be liver, but it just didn't look right. Any help would be appreciated. I honestly didn't expect it to make it at all, but it seems to have a will to live and my son is intent on it doing well. I'm willing to try.
Hi! Do you have a picture of the red blob. It does sound like it's part from inside. This can be fixed. I've done it. I've got pics I can show you.
Thank you for responding. I'm trying to figure out how to upload photos.


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That is quite a mass...I'm just looking up the pics from my chicks that I fixed. Is this the mass back that was placed back inside the chick with the q-tip?

That's quite an ingenious idea...using the end of a sterilized q-tip.:thumbsup
Yes. But it pulled more out from walking around, even when we tried "diapering" it. I finally for all but the "blob" back in

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