installing a fan during middle of incubation

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Has anyone done this before? I just got a fan and installed it into my LG still air incubator on day 14. I have an auto turner and don't normally have the cover off for more than 15 seconds at a time. I figured that people that need to manually turn the eggs several times a day have it open for much longer. It took my about 4 minutes to install the fan with the cover completely off. Temps have come right back to normal within 10 minutes. I have 18 developing eggs in there and have not had any problems thus far. I was reading about the improved hatch rates with a fan and decided to pick one up. Just looking for some feedback....
Good morning, Your time offline time was nothing to worry about. I did a hatch in still air last month. On candling days I would take all eggs out ... put in egg cartons... carry to the bathroom (darkest room) ... candle... return to incubator... rearrange ... hmmmm..... stare a bit at them.. In the end they did fine. I candled about 3 times and this was 30 ish eggs... so it wasn't a fast process.

I did still air all the way, therefore, unable to comment on the adding fan for better hatch comment. Good luck in the upcoming week... only 5 or 6 more days til the peeps and fuzzballs arrive.

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Thank you, Pemburu. I'm still concernde about placing the fan during mid incubation. I had my temps running a bit warmer for the still air and now at about 100 with the forced air. Not sure how that works on the developing chicks.
Not to worry scshev. Those critters can take more variation of temps... and from what I read... you're little too warm at times would cause earlier hatch time... or cooler would be slightly later. So... I don't think you have changed the internal temp enough to make a difference.

In still air you're supposed to run a little warmer ( at the top level of the egg) 101ish (some instructions say 102-103) .. while down at ground level (wire, paper towel, etc...) your temp would be closer to 98-99ish....averaging out the mid egg temp around 99.5 - 99.7. Your eggs feel no wind from the fan... if the temp stabilized ... all around the egg... they probably didn't notice anything. You just have a more stable temp is all.

Again... don't sweat it. Your slight change in temp probably did no harm whatsoever.... you only changed the hatch time +/- 1 or 2 hours.
Enjoy and anticipate.. no stress allowed

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