Insulated Roosting Box for WI Winter?

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    Mar 10, 2018
    I'm converting a space inside of a barn for a coop. The walls on the ground floor are concrete/ cinder block, not just wood. I'm planning to enclose the space with framed in hardware cloth panels that will be attached to existing log beams and supports in the barn. We're zone 4a here, though, often getting below zero temps in January and February. Considering constructing an insulated roosting box that I would mount 2' off the floor so as not to reduce their sq.ft- to give them a more protected place to sleep on bitterly cold nights. I'm concerned about finding a good balance between warmth and ventilation. Would the Woods style of construction work inside of another building? Any other ideas/considerations? TIA! I've got the outside and inside of the space for reference... Pls excuse the mess- previous tenants' garbage that we haven't cleared out yet- IMG_20180318_105252135.jpg

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    The woods style offers plenty of ventilation. I see no problem with using that concept inside your barn. Your barn will stay warmer than the outdoors due to sun warming it during day. At night some of the stored heat still will make inside of barn somewhat warmer. An insulated roosting box should keep some of the heat the chickens generate. Important not to make it trap the moisture generated by chickens breaths. (the droppings also) and the ammonia.
    I am trying to mastermind a heated roosting bar. It would not be heated very much, but just enough to transfer some warmth onto chickens sitting on it. It would be in the open, so well ventilated area.
    Have not figure everything out yet, but have considered something in the fashion of electric blankets or roof ice defrosters. Need to be adjustable in heat output, and ABOVE ALL, FIRE SAFE.
    WISHING YOU BEST,and ,,,,,,,,,,:welcome
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    Mar 10, 2018
    Sounds like a fun project; good luck! And thanks for the input!
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    Ehh...I don't think so.
    Woods main concept is an air cushion, maximum ventilation with minimal draft,
    having it inside another building would make that concept moot.

    Ventilation might be your biggest challenge in that space,
    depends on how air movement is in the whole building.
    The HC coop walls will help
    Can you put vents in 'ceiling' of coop to upper floor of barn?

    You'd not gather much solar gain inside the barn,
    unless maybe if those glass blocks face south.
    If the concrete floor and part of the walls are underground,
    that might actually help with 'warmth'.
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    Mar 10, 2018
    I've been looking at plans and pricing and it seems like it will cost me about the same amount to build an actual Woods coop outside the barn... And the guys and gals will be much happier, I think.
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