Insuring my chicken run is a healthy place to bring in new chickens

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    Apr 17, 2013
    I have a 10 thousand sq.ft. free range area fenced in for my chickens. The flock consists of 8 hens and one rooster. I have had them 4-5 years and want to keep them. But I am building a second hen house and want to run some new chickens over the same ground. How can I be sure my existing flock is disease free and the ground is not harboring any threats to the incoming chickens?

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    If your current flock are healthy in appearance and activity, none needing to be culled for illness and none having external parasites, there's really nothing you can do to prepare your place or flock for the new chickens. Just making sure to keep stocking levels low enough to keep your soils from becoming over impacted and barren is pretty much the best a person can do.

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