Intact 15 month old Maremmano w/ papers


8 Years
Jun 4, 2011
middle earth
I live near Evansville, Indiana. I have a 15 month old maremma, Bruno, who is not being used to potential. My place is too small for him even though its 2 acres in the country. Unfortunately Bruno would rather be a pet than guard my chickens and I cant keep the dog if he would rather wait for us to walk out the door than do his job. Anyone who knows a thing about this breed, they are lousy pets (because they are only supposed to be gurdians) and since he wants to be mine (pet), he gets into trouble too much because he doesn't listen to me; he does as he pleases. He is huge and I have papers on him with the MSCA. One side of his heritage is all Italian names, unrecognizable, and the other side is from Pea Vine Hollow. I don't have enough experience with dogs to have this breed. I thought he was right for my place and family but I was wrong. If you are interested send me a pm. He just plays too much. Also one of his ears is up and the other is down. I'm going back to my favorite the german shepherd.
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Trade for an English Shepherd? lol Geezus, I guess imma hafta keepeem. lol He is a puppy, I have been advised by many that he will grow out of all his silliness.

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