Integrated permanent live trap inside the run for Predators??


In the Brooder
Apr 23, 2015
Wichita, Kansas
I am in the process of building my new Chicken run, and like everyone I of course am taking predators into consideration. My latest idea is to build a small opening the size of a live trap in the corner of the run, and then frame up a wooden tunnel on the inside of the run that would hold a live trap inside it. At the end of my wooden tunnel for the live trap, I am planning on putting a piece of plexiglass so you can see through then entire tunnel.

My theory on all of this is that when a predator (like raccoon) is testing the perimeter of the run and comes across an opening that seems to lead directly to where he wants to be... well you get the point. I am not planning on baiting this trap at all, but hopefully just using it as a preventative measure for anything that comes to investigate. I believe my theory is sound, but would like to hear from others to see if anyone has ever done anything like this and had decent results?

My wife said if I caught something it might stress the chickens out a little having a caged raccoon inside the run... but my response was I would rather have some stressed chickens for a little bit than dead ones.


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