integrating 1 hen to my existing flock... advice please


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Aug 10, 2010
Escondido, CA
Hi there, I adopted 1 hen on Sunday from a friend who lost his other chicken to a dog attack recently. I know that chickens do better as part of a flock and are not solitary animals which is why I offered to take her. I have 4 existing hens in my yard. They have plenty of space to run (and hide) and a fairly large coop to sleep in (I used to have 10 chickens). My question is how long does it take to integrate? My new hen is still being picked on and beat up. I read somewhere that its not recommended to attempt to bring 1 sole hen into an existing lock. Unfortunately this is my case.
She hangs out on the opposite side of the yard from the other birds and runs anytime anyone (myself included) comes near her. It's been so hot out lately that I've tried to give her watermelon and leafy treats but she won't have anything to do with me or the other birds.
Should i just wait it out?
Is it a possibility that she will never integrate?
If you can separate one of your other birds, not the top, and not the bottom bird in the pecking order. Separate the pair together and keep them together a good week or two. Then introduce the pair to the other two girls.

A single bird is a tough go, everyone know she does not belong.

Mrs k
How old is the new hen.... did you integrate her at night..... Can you divide the run into 2 runs.... get 3 more hens and raise those with the new one.... then add them all together in a few weeks and take down the divided barrier wall........

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