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Dec 29, 2010
Until last week, I had 2 SLW pullets. One was taken by a raccoon, leaving me with 1 lonely SLW. Today, I went to a local farm and picked up two beautiful Buff Orphington hens, both about 5 months old (my SLW is about 1 year, maybe a bit older just finished it's 1st molt). Any way, how can I make a flock out of these birds? My SLW went right after the BO when I out them in the yard today, she's so mean! Is there a proper procedure for integration? My hope was to provide my lonely chicken with some companions, how can I get her to play nice?


PS. Should this be in "managing your flock" instead?
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I would just go ahead and put them together if the Orps have been quarantined for 3 wks to be safe. That way they are going into the SLWs turf. Or you could swap their places so it would be the Orps turf that the SLW was going into. Remember 1 hen picking on 2 is better than 2 picking on 1.

Move the Orps in after dark, set them on the perch nar the SLW then they can smell and chatter with each other all night. It's less of a total shock this way.
Thanks. The BO's have been quarantined, and all birds are sleeping soundly together. How closely do I need to watch them? Where is the line between establishing pecking order & bullying? The SLW has a few pounds on the BO's.
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