Integrating a rescued chicken to my small flock of two...


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Jun 1, 2021
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I've checked to see if this has been addressed in other threads and to some degree, yes it has. However, I have so many questions.
I have two hens, both of different ages. One has just started laying and the other is still a ways off from laying. I don't know their actual ages or their breed. Everything is going well and I enjoy them.
Our nextdoor neighbor contacted me and said he had rescued a chicken from the side of the highway. It is unhurt and friendly. It looks like it may be a Bantam Australorp. It has a single comb and wattles, so I'm making a beginner's assumption that it's a hen based on the size of the comb, and the feathers around its neck not being overly pointed.
We live in the suburbs, and my coop and yard are big enough for a third hen. But how good of an idea would it be for me to adopt this third chicken given the unknowns, etc?


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Thank you for the link! I do have room for the quarantine. There are we other logistics I am trying to figure out... I worry that I'm going to mess up the good thing I have going, but the little rescued chicken is not in a good chicken place right now. All concrete, etc.
Would like to have update also please ?

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