Integrating a small Polish crested w/ dual-purpose layers (all pullets)


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Jul 17, 2016
This is my first flock. Nobody's laying yet. Nobody's in the coop yet (It'll be delivered in a few days) I have 2 Salmon Faverolles, 1 Speckled Sussex, and 1 Silver-laced Wyandotte pullets. They came from the same farm and are getting on very well in their temporary home. I also have one little (part or entirely bantam) Polish crested - from a different farm and in her own temporary crate for the time being.

The majority of the flock will be laying some time in September. The little Polish crested is due sooner as she's already 5 months.

Any advice on integrating these ladies when the coop arrives?

where are you keeping them? make sure the chickens can see the poland in the crate, but keep her in it. when the coop arrives, i suggest one more day in the crate, to prevent stress. but, still leave the crate where the others can see it. and give her access to food and water.
They are in adjacent crates right now, each w/ its own food and water setup.

They don't seem terribly interested in one another, but all sounded the alarm in solidarity when the dog wandered up for a sniff. They did sort of trill back and forth once, which I think is a good sign.

It's a 4x4 peaked roof coop w/ "upper deck," attached run and laying boxes. I can put the crate in the run during the day, then open the door in the evening so she can go to roost with the other ladies.

Here it is in progress- without the chicken wire or paint:

Thank you for the reply!
4x4 could be tight quarters for 5 birds....especially with trying to integrate a single bird.
Crested birds are often at a disadvantage due to their impeded eyesight depending on size of crest(but I see(haha) that you've addressed that aspect).
How big will run be?
What is your climate? Putting your location in your profile can helps folks give better answers/suggestions.
This often happens to new people to the hobby. Chicks are so little it is hard to imagine just how big they are going to be. What seems like more than enough space now, is not going to be enough space when all the birds are full grown. The coop is a darling set up, but I would not have more than 3 birds in it, unless your whole flock are bantam birds.
They may do ok in the beginning, but as they grow, they will need more space.

Too small of coop/run will lead to some terrible chicken behavior, and they may even kill one of the birds, probably the polish crested. You need to be aware of signs of crowding, such as feather picking, open sores, bullying or a single bird refusing to come out of the coop with the others. There are only two things you can do, either reduce the flock size or increase the size of the coop. Crowded chickens are NOT nice.

As to integrating the single polish, you might put one of your other birds in with this bird now. There might be a few squabbles, but it would be better to introduce two birds that are friends to three birds, than 1 bird to 4.

Mrs K
I was told a leghorn. I heard it trying to crow yesterday but read on here that pullets can sometimes crow! It is aggressive to the other girls, pushes them around, when they come out of coop..this one pushes the others back in!

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