integrating chicks.. let the math begin

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Chickiemom25, May 22, 2011.

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    May 13, 2011
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    ok you all though Miss Nik was a Mr so we took it back to the fishing hole ( and the owner says nope.. it is definately a pullet). but since it was a big agressive we thought, we left her and came home with a 1.5 week old brown something... so since the big girls were down to 4 week old brown something, a 2.5 week old opington, I figured we would add the new 1.5 week brown to the 2 1 week old rocks (barred and white) and throw all three in with the big girls... I now think Nik was just head hen and not really agressive since Em has gone from a sweetie who didnt pick on the little ones last time we tried to introduce them to the queen of the roost who is picking iperiodically on the brown chicks . She leaves the white rock alone... go figure.. maybe because the opington she gets along with is white? Its only been an hour but not sure if I should take the 3 little ones out and let them figure their own pecking order out seperately or just wait it out with the 2 older ones...

    I am hating having some chicks in and some out.. I figure the double heat lamps will keep the bigger birds in the back corner of the brooder at night while the little ones huddle in the front since the whole thing is outdoors. Any advice?
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    I would leave them in there and resolve there pecking order. I have had issues with this before and they resolved it.

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    I would leave them too. It's easier to integrate chicks than it is older birds. I just put my older group of chicks out in the coop with my adult chickens yesterday, and they are all fine. Maybe because there are so many chicks (14 or so).

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