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    I have 4 chickens that are 12 weeks old and I am trying to integrate two 8 week old chicks with them. The two babies are getting two big for the brooder, but the big chickens peck at them when I put them in the run. Does anybody have any tips for integrating them? I have them free ranging in the evening and I am hoping that they will get use to each other in the yard, but the big ones just chase them when they cross paths.

    Does anybody have any tips for integrating them?
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    Do you have a cage or a way of putting them in with the older chickens so they can see each other for a few days or so? Then you can put them in on the roost at night. Having them free rangs at the same time is a good idea too.
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    Mine are about the ages of yours. I have six twelve-week olds with three six-week olds. Then I have six adult hens. And a roo, but he patrols outside the pen.

    The pen is divided in half, with a pop hole joining the two sections that the adults are too big to fit through. This permits the younger ones to go back and forth but they know they have refuge where any bullies can't reach them.

    Then inside the pullet pen, I have a small space partitioned off, about two feet x four feet, and the six-week olds spend their days inside it. It has four tiny holes that permit the tykes to come and go and the pullets can't enter and bully them or keep them from eating their food. When they feel brave, they venture out into both the adult world and pullet world, but if they get pecked or chased, they know they have safe refuge inside their little enclosure where they're safe.

    When everyone reaches similar size, the partitions come down, and it's then one big Chicken World!

    This has worked well for me integrating four batches of chicks.

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