Integrating Ducks with Chickens


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May 12, 2010
Creswell, Oregon
I have 17 days to integrate my 3-7wk old Cayuga's into the small flock of 7/11wk old and 7/7wk old chickens. They were in side by side brooders with the 7 wk old chicks but the Cayuga's are now more the size of the 11wk olds. I will move them at night and am concerned about what will happen come morning when everyone comes "feather to feather". How long will it take to establish the pecking order amongst them? I can hardly stand the 7wk old chicks getting picked on right now as it is. They have plenty of room to go to their corners if needed. Should I put up some temporary fencing so they're in the same space but separate?


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May 14, 2008
NE Wisconsin
I know of quite a few people that keep chickens and ducks together, but I really can't recommend it. I have 5 ducks with 1 chicken, and the only reason it works out is because the chicken thinks she's a duck.

I would keep separate them with fencing because ducks are just so messy. That and I've heard stories about drakes trying to mate hens, and they can really peck each other quite badly, I had a Mallard drake pull out all of my chicken's tail feathers once.


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May 4, 2007
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Our Muscovy babies hatched one week ago. Yesterday I was at the local feed store and they had a ton of baby chicks available. Our Black Sex Links were my favorite, and they had one left. Do you think if I were to try to integrate it in with the newborns that the mama would accept it? My thought was raising it for a few months, and then part with it at the same time I adopt my ducks out.

Any words of additional wisdom? :)



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May 1, 2009
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My Coop
I house my call ducks in with my chickens without any problems. I was worried about the ducks, since they are so much smaller, but they are definitely boss. Our one male duck will chase the huge Americauna hens away even if they get too close to his pond. It is funny because the big chickens and rooster could do a lot of damage to the little ducks but they seem freaked out by them. Our drake never tried to mate with any of the chickens but he has females and is also imprinted on me so I don't think they are his "type".

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