Integrating Flocks - Specifically the Roosters

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by ThreeBoysChicks, Apr 25, 2009.

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    I have had several small flocks seperated for breeding and would like to integrate them back together. I have read many posts about persons who did not have success and removed a rooster or two. I am interested in those who have had success and how you did it.

    I re-introduced my Buff Orpington Roo and his ladies with my White Leghorn Roo and his ladiesThursday night after dark. Friday morning, the two boys rolled around in the grass a little. Each had a small amount of blood from the scrap, but last night, they were asleep on the roost next to each other. This morning, they were scrapping again and sooking wet from rolloing around in the dew covered grass, but seem to have worked it out again.

    Tell me how you did it? Did you have some scraping? I have allowed them all to free - range so that there is plenty of space.

    Funny storey - Yesterday, when they started scraping, I chased them both out across the field. Figuring that if they both had something bigger and uglier to run from, they might get along. It seemed to work. Thanks the Lord, no one was around with a video camera, I am pretty sure I looked like a complete fool.
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    Great visual there, Ed, LOL! I dunno. I rehomed my youngest BR boy because Dutch just refused to share the ladies. They were always bloody and scabbed up. Hopefully, yours will reach a truce. Mine never did.
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    I used a hose. Every time I saw them scraping I would squirt them with the hose which would take them by surprise as they weren't expecting it. They quit after a few squirts.

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