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    This past spring one of my hens disappeared and came back 3 weeks later with 7 chicks. She raised them in the barn away from the chicken coop, then moved back into the coop and left them on their own. Now, they need to move in with the rest - I don't want the mess in the barn. I've moved them after dark twice, but they keep going back to the barn. There are at least 3 roosters amongst them. Any suggestions how to move them and make them stay? I can't really leave them locked in the coop for the day either. It's already pretty crowded. Are the roosters the problem? They don't socialize during the day either.
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    Each night move them into the coop. It may be a while before they realize that the coop is home. I've found that they usually get the idea in a couple days, but some folks have had to do it for a week or two before the birds get it. I am not sure how big your flock is, but the roosters will likely become a problem. Too many roosters leads to a lot of fighting, an unstable flock and barebacked hens. For the health and happiness of all involved you may want to cut back on the number of roosters. The usual ratio of hens:roos is 10:1.

    Good luck.
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    Something else to consider: You mentioned the coop being pretty crowded. If it is overcrowded, then the big hens may be making life miserable for the littler birds around the coop, so maybe they're avoiding it????

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