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Jun 30, 2014
Tomball, Texas
I am fairly new (a little over a year) to having a Silkie flock and have found raising chickens to be fascinating! I have 2 adult roosters (one the obvious leader who sits in my lap and is magnificent and protects me from the other ones attempts to run at me ) and the other kinda frustrated but ok with his second in command), 7 adult hens (I've lost one to illness, 2 to a fox who took them right in front of me and one to a wild dog), one 16 week old rooster, three of unknown gender about 6 weeks old, and 3 just hatched babies. The babies are extremely colorful too!

I have a 8 X 12 coop with a 12 X 12 run and a smaller coop with 2 dog runs attached. One hen, the young roo and the three six week olds are in the small coop. I have a "nursery" in the big coop with 2 hens (more babies are due).

I free range (supervised) everyone together and they get along fine. I know that until they are full grown they cannot be integrated into the big coop. My question is what is the best way to do this? How old are they to be considered "full grown"? I also realize 3 roosters could/will be a problem and will make plans to re home if it is necessary. I would like the small coop to be for separation and babies and am hoping I can succeed in integrating since the flock will know the babies for months before being together in the big coop. I can add on another enclosure to the big coop too. Any advice is sincerely appreciated! Thank you!
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First is the16 week old cockerel. He could be a problem to integrate into the flock with the mature roosters. He is just at the age he is going to mature sexually and the roosters are not going to like that, especially with you having so few hens. I would think on getting rid of him. As to the mother and chicks in the separate coop just keep letting them mingle with the rest till they are ten to twelve weeks then put them in the coop with the rest. The broodies in the coop, well you can do as I do. I just let them mother and chicks loose after they hatch. The mother introduces them to the flock and watches over them. Once a flock gets used to the idea of chicks it goes well every time.

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