Integrating my silkies??


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Jul 23, 2019
I’m trying to find the silkie forum so I hope this works ... I have 6 5 month old pullets. My 3 silkies are 4 months old. They have their own coop but have access to the run with the others all day long. They do get chased around a bit but nothing too severe. I would really like all of them to live together in one coop. I realize in some cases this doesn’t work, but they have been doing pretty well all out in the run all day long. We put the silkies in the big coop tonight at bedtime. The big chickens did nothing but the silkies honked and squeaked and were trying to get out. So we ended up putting them back in their coop for the night. How do we get them used to the new coop with the other chickens and get them to go to sleep in there?


Free Ranging
Mar 22, 2019
I am in the process of integrating my silkies into my big coop for the winter. Mine will have their own section in the coop as my two flicks don't get along. My point lol is to try putting them in a large crate or sectioned off area just for them at night.

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