Integrating new chickens


Jul 29, 2016
Of our 3 young chicks which were integrated into the flock using a broody hen, 2 of the 3 turned out to be roosters. We exchanged the roosters for 2 Plymoutth barred rock hens (20 weeks old). Our remaining hen from the new chicks is 16 weeks. The 3 chicks used to stick together, and our original 4 hens have their own group. Now that we have removed the 2 roosters and adding the 2 barred rocks into a seperate enclosure. Is it best to add the young hen with the barred rocks to create a new group? Or leave her with the original 4 hens? She is clearly at the bottom of their pecking order but it is not aggressive.

I would appreciate any thoughts/advice! Thank you!
Hmmmm...I'd agree with sourland, but, what you propose might work out.
There's few hard and fast rules when it comes to integrating live animals.
Some chicken juggling might be in order here.

Is the separate enclosure with the new birds adjacent to the main enclosure?
How big (feet by feet) are the enclosures/coops/etc?
Do you free range at all?
Is the broody raised pullet getting beat up bad with the main flock?

Lots of things to consider, more info would be helpful.
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