Integrating pullets into flock and feeding

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  1. MCArt20

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    Aug 22, 2016
    I am in the process of slowly integrating two pullets into my flock, (of two). Once they are, I was told pullets should not eat layer feed until they are laying. So how do I keep them from eating the layer feed, once they are all living together? Thanks!
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    If they are close to laying age I wouldn't worry about it. I'd be more worried about pecking order. Leave them in a cage close to other hens for few days before adding them into coop. So they can see and hear each other then add them in the evening before roosting time.
  3. MCArt20

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    Aug 22, 2016
    Thanks! One is 14 weeks and the other @12 weeks, but I guess they could also all eat the chicks food with shells on the side.... yes the integration is very slow- the pullets are blocked off in the run under the coop, and then I swap them out so they have time outside and the big girls go in. We are on about day 7, so I was going to let them out together for about 10 minutes today, and if ok 15 tomorrow, etc. I figure it's about a two week process at least....
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    Some folks feed a flock raiser/ all flock feed with a higher protein to everyone and put oyster shell on the side for calcium, many say that 16% layer feed is barely enough protein and once you add some treats they may not be getting enough... IDK, I am not getting my chicks for another 46 days but who's counting...

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    That would be the better option. 14 weeks and especially 12 weeks is too young for a strict diet of layer feed.

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