Integrating roosters raised together


Apr 8, 2021
Hi, I have a flock of seven all of whom hatched on the same day. They are just over 9 weeks old, a mix of bantam and large fowl orpingtons. All was well until out of necessity i had to bring our lavender LF orpington rooster chick into the house as he needed frequent medication for a leg issue and was too weak to balance. The chick has improved a lot and I slowly introduced him back to the group. All of the presumed females were fine, but as expected our other suspected rooster (a bantam) really attacked him, he flipped and pinned him down with his foot and really went for him with his beak (lavender didn't fight back). The lavender is fairly submissive although I have taken the bantam rooster out again and he is asserting himself a bit more. Now there were no issues before taking the lavender away for treatment and whilst he is walking normally, he still needs to build up a bit of strength as he can buckle and sit on his hocks occasionally. Is there any way to peacefully integrate the bantam back into the flock? I'm planning to get more pol hens when they are nearer 16 weeks as I have been told that they need a good 6 to 7 hens per rooster ideally. Another option I considered was having the bantam implanted with suprelorin to take the edge off of his hormones before sending him back in, but even for subcutaneous implanting he seems quite small. Neither have started crowing yet, just sparring- apparently the implants are more effective at this stage. Can anyone advise in this situation? I love both roosters dearly and if we can manage a peaceful flock we will try anything.
Maybe you can set up two pens, or one large pen that is divided into two parts, so they can live next to each other and see/interact through wire mesh but without being able to hurt each other.

A few weeks of living side-by-side often helps with integrating chickens, although in this case you might just need two pens permanently -- some roosters will get along, and some will not, and it depends on the roosters.

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