Integrating the flock, how should I do this?

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    Ok, right now I have 4 adult chickens. 2 standards (1 a roo) and 2 bantams. Inside their large run I have a tractor that is housing 4 Cornish Rock chicks that will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. Inside my garage I have 2 brooders, each with 4 chicks. The largest brooder has an EE and a New Hamp Red that will be 6 weeks old on Friday and 2 mystery chicks that seem to be bantams, or very small stanadards, that will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. The other brooder is very small and is housing 4 standard chicks that will be 2 weeks old on Wednesday. Confused yet? [​IMG]

    Anyway, here is my problem....

    I need to get the EE and NHR out of that brooder! They're almost completely feathered out and they act like they are beyond ready to experience life in something bigger. I want to put them in the tractor with the Cornish Rocks. Also, the younger chicks are quickly outgrowing their brooder and need to move into the bigger one!

    Question #1 -- I'm feeding the Cornish Rocks 15% grower/finisher so they don't grow so fast. The EE & NHR are eating 18% starter. Should I go ahead and put them together in the tractor and just mix the two foods together? Will the piggy CRs let the other chicks eat enough to stay alive? [​IMG]

    Question #2 -- At what age will it be safe to try to integrate the fast growing CRs in with my adult chickens? I don't want them getting beat up! Or should I leave them in the tractor until we get our new run built in a few weeks and move the adults there before letting the CRs out of the tractor?

  2. Robin'sBrood

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    May 8, 2008
    North Carolina
    Nevermind, it's already done. The EE & NHR are in the tractor w/ the CRs and the 4 little ones are in the big brooder with the 2 mystery bantam(?) chicks.
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    Yep, I'm always confused. Have a question similar to yours but not exactly. I have five laying Buckeye hens and have ordered 15 additional chickens (10 plymouth rock and 5 Americauna). I need to know if I put them in the coop at about 4 weeks old will the hens keep them warm and treat them as their own or will they peck and chase them away? My first chicken raising experience was not good and lost 20 to dogs, raccoons, and who knows what else. It's been a hard lesson and I want to do better with my second flock.

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