Integrating two young flocks?


May 17, 2017
Woodinville WA
I have two young flocks of chickens. The older group consists of 5 chickens about 7-9 weeks old and are currently in the coop. The younger group consists of 4 chickens 4-7 weeks old (the 7 week old is a bantam Cochin cockerel) and are currently in a brooder. I am having some trouble knowing when to integrate them? They free range together sometimes when the weather is nice, but mostly they just stay away from each other. When I put them together in the run and they are forced to be closer to each other, all of the younger chicks are pecked at and chased around by all of the older chicks (except for my salmon Faverolle). I was hoping to integrate them sooner rather than later because I was thinking at only 8 weeks of age they wouldn't be so aggressive, but seems I'm wrong. Is this just natural sorting of the pecking order and should I just watch and allow it to happen? Or continue to keep them separated until they're older?


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Jul 16, 2015
How big is your coop? I would divide it in half, and house them side by side for a while. Keep them penned when you can't watch them and let them mine when you are around. Chicks at that age can do some viscous pecking. After a few weeks of seeing each other they should be used to each other more. If your set is smaller you will have troubles. Make sure there are places for everyone to get away from each other and break up the line of sight.

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