1. Backyard Dacks

    Retroactive Integration?

    Hello! I recently traded out two of the five flock members for two new ones (females) who are quite a bit smaller than the remaining three (also females). I know there are rules for integrating new flock members safely so that they do not get bullied, however, I was in quite a rush when these...
  2. becks123

    I need your input!!! (Integrating)

    Hi, I'm pretty new at this and have found I am 100% a crazy chicken lady! Any tips would be greatly appreciated! I currently have a 7 month old flock: 3 buff orps, 2 dark brahmas and one little frizzle roo (Napoleon 🤣) I will be integrating 2 ostrolorps, 1 ameraucana, 1 Plymouth and 2 silkies...
  3. C

    Sick Chicken/Bullying

    So we have a hen that has gotten very slim, thinking she might have worms but not 100% sure. Yesterday morning another hen started attacking her. Not just pecks here and there but was going after her. We separated the skinny possibly sick one in a dog crate just outside the run. Because she was...
  4. S

    Duck ratios and mixing flocks

    First post, so please bear with me. A few weeks back after much research I finally jumped into the backyard fowl and got 5 Muscovy who are now 8 weeks old. These are a complete first for me, I've never had ducks or chickens before. As nature would have it I ended up with three drakes and two...
  5. Megsconk


    I’m currently in the process of adding one 20 week old speckled Sussex to my two 18 week old golden buffs. We have a very small coop and run and I’m a first time chicken mom so it’s all very stressful. I know I should have had two to integrate (beginner’s mistake). Right now, I’ve cut their run...
  6. Henrybelle

    Flock integration advice?..

    I recently moved my pullets out to the coop with my existing flock but have kept them separated by hardware cloth. When will they be big enough to roost with the big girls?
  7. Henry&Friends

    Pecking order questions

    Integrating birds into an established flock causes mayhem in the pecking order. Whether you’re adding one lonely hen, or combining whole flocks, an addition to your flock brings changes to your chickens lives. I’ve added hens and have had hens leave. Hens who are added seem to start from the...
  8. doublecrossranch

    Solar panels harbor freight

    do you suggest the 100 watt or 25 watt? I plan to move my chicks into the coop when they are 4 week old. I would like to put the heat plate in the coop because some of our nights are getting into the 50’s. I will have an area blocked off so they can escape the bigger pullets. There is plenty of...
  9. Sunnychix

    Cannot Integrate adult chickens- Help

    I have 4 girls that are 11 months old (buff orp, barred rocks)and we recently rescued 3 girls(Americaunas) that are 16 months old. They have lived side by side in 2 separate pens for 6 weeks. The last 2 weeks they have been free ranging together. Problem is that I have 1 Buff Orp and she will...
  10. city-chicker

    Chick died, leaving friend alone

    We have 4 grown hens and got 2 babies (Red and Coco) in June. We were in the process of integrating, letting them all free range together during the day and putting them in separate coops at night. Last night we finally put them all in the same coop. I opened the door bright and early so they’d...
  11. G

    Does anyone have tips for integrating new birds into the flock?

    We have a pullet named Cheese- yes, we named our bird Cheese. We had to find homes for the rest of our five-bird hatch, and we need to integrate Cheese with our current 2-bird flock, Wendy and Gertrude. Does anyone have any advice for how to do this?
  12. Roley

    Integrating Adopted Hen

    Hi all, I currently have 4 chickens 2x @ 4.5 weeks (Black Australorp) 2x @ 1.5 weeks (Buff Orpington & Barred Rock). My neighbor had 7 hens, recently they encountered a raccoon attack leaving one lone chicken behind (we call her survivor), whom also happens to be a Barred Rock. She loves coming...
  13. T

    Pullet and hens food integration

    Hello I'm new to the chicken community and I have I a rather small flock, four hens to be exact. I started my chicken flock when I found a chicken in the woods, believe it or not, so I rescued her. There are no forms in the community and when I call the SPCA conservation in my area they said it...
  14. SapphicDyad

    Integrating chickens

    We have been raising chickens for several months now and we're kind of new at this. We have 2 dark brown Bantam hens and 3 Silkies even smaller than the Bantams. We had 2 plymouth rock chickens that were much bigger than the rest and they were mean to the other chickens, pecking at them and...
  15. SapphicDyad

    Integrating ducks

    We have a duck whom was left alone due to a raccoon unfortunately taking away his best friend. He was sad after that and didn't want to eat or be with the chickens for about a week, but he is happy now and recovered from that terrible accident. We got 2 new baby ducks and we're not sure how well...
  16. SapphicDyad


    Hello everyone! My girlfriend and I run this account, my name is Melody and her name is Melissa. We have been raising chickens for several months now and we're kind of new at this. We have 2 dark brown Bantam hens and 3 Silkies even smaller than the Bantams. We had 2 plymouth rock chickens that...
  17. Wagnit09

    2 flocks, 2 roos

    I had some brooder issues at the start but got everything squared away now. The current set up is three 8 week olds (2 hens, 1 roo) and nine 2 week olds; a brooder within a brooder so that there is interaction but the littles have a safe place if needed. So far so good. My neighbor lost most of...
  18. herdingcats

    Chicks and Cats

    Hi all, I just posted an introduction in the New Members forum. We have 3, 2 year old Black Australorp Hens and 1 4 year old Red SexLink (I think) hen, adopted from a friend. 2 girls aged 8 & 10, a very sweet and friendly chick snuggling border-springer mutt, and 2 feisty outdoor cats. For...
  19. G

    Hen tries to kill incubator baby

    I’m feeling sad & concerned. Our hen hatched 4 chicks, I was able to introduce the first incubator chick hatched a few days later with no problem. Yesterday I tried to introduce another newly hatched chick and the hen is pecking at it, she won’t accept it at all & May have actually pecked a hole...
  20. How I integrated my chickens in 2 weeks

    How I integrated my chickens in 2 weeks

    First of all, I'd like to acknowledge all of the wonderful people who helped me along the way, @drumstick diva @aart and @Mrs. K . These three put up with my annoying, multiple posts. (Sorry Aart!) and tried to help as much as they could. Now saying this I'd also like to say I'm sorry if while...
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