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    Chicken integration, Still not going all that well, but it does seem better. I just don't know how long I can take it. Does anyone have a guess as to how much longer this will take the babies are 16weeks old? I have since found out that one of the babies is a rooster and not a hen, so now the other three babies are not only scared of the big chickens but also him, because he keeps grabbing the feathers on the back on their neck and trying to jump on them. I keep the babies together seperated during the day in a makeshift pen they that keep escaping out of. I try to do a little chicken integration every day I open the door and let the babies come out into the big pen if they want, but spray the big chickens with water if they try to go into the little pen where the babies are. The babies have been going up to roost at night and get a little pecked at, in the morning they get pecked at more, and their is always some blood. Gizmo was just starting to get feathers back in and now this morning I see that the big chickens pulled them out again. I'm upset, should I build another coop, should I just throw in the towel and give away the babies, should I get rid of the rooster? The hubby is fed up, so he is no help. I wanted to also add in the coop size. The coop is made out of an old playhouse, it is approximately 4x4 on each level, and then their pen is 4x10. Is that too small? We have four 36 week old isa browns and 4 16wk EE
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    Your coop and run are too small. The biggest advantage in integration is space for the babies to get away. 4x4 is big enough for 4 chickens max.
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    The standard is 4 square ft per chicken in the coop and 10 ft per chicken in the run. I think your pen is a bit small in regards to the standard. Your pen is fit for 4 chickens. I don't know if can use levels as space. The standard for 8 chickens would be 8x4 for coop and the run 10x8, or something else that adds up to the figure. Again, this is just a standard guideline. It's up to you how they are housed.

    With that, they could be cramped in there and that's why they are pecking. Maybe you could add on to their pen to make it bigger. It sounds like your rooster is mating with your girls. That part is normal. If there is excessive pecking, that is not good. You should separate them. It's best if they see each other.

    Integrating was a nightmare for me. I made a post what I did. I'm on my phone, so I don't want to type it out single handed. I used a wire dog kennel to seperate. My older chicks would of killed the younger ones. I have no idea how long it will take yours to integrate. I'm sure space is an issue and your older chickens are not willing to share.

    Good luck! I know how frustrating this process is.

    Oh, I wanted to add that I intervened with the pecking for the first two weeks. You need to seperate if they are drawing blood. It's very painful and the older chickens are brutal.

    Oh my, I'm sorry that I didn't read your post correctly about the rooster. Duh, I've only had a couple hours sleep. I need a nap.
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