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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by l'abeille, May 12, 2010.

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    Oct 16, 2009
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    I need advice because I have new pullets to introduce and need to decide to do it before or after a vacation.

    We have 2 11-mo-old BA hens in a small coop and run. We have 5 7-week-old pullets--standard breeds--in a brooder in the garage. I usually put the pullets in a small outdoor pen for a spell each day, but won't be able to do this on vacation. They'd be locked in a 25 sqft brooder for 5 days. I am wondering whether I should try to integrate them with the flock before I leave since my original flock is small and a docile breed. Then they'd have the coop and run to enjoy some fresh air in the daytime.

    Should I leave the pullets locked up in the brooder or try to integrate them prematurely?
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    I'd try it. Introduce them at night, and be up early to check on them, by daylight. The hens wont bother them overnight, but may once it's light. Keep an eye on them during the day. If tbe hens get too mean to the pullets, you can always put em back in the brooder, but at 7 weeks, 5 pullets should be ok with 2 hens....
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    Apr 26, 2010
    We just introduced out six week old pullets with our hens. For a week or so, I put the pullets in a fenced area inside the hens run. After a few days, the hens started to hop over and mingle. I've switched everyone over to "flock raiser" (we also have ducks that will eventually be in the run but with their own house) so food sharing is not an issue. Eventually I pulled back a corner of the chicks fence so they could wander out. Everyone got along fine, no fighting what-so-ever. For two days, I let them share the run, but put the chicks back in their brooder at night. On Monday, once the nights warmed up, I put the chicks in the coop. They hop in and out all day, but still don't know they are supposed to sleep in there. Each night, DH and I have to go out and round them up and put them in. Hopefully they will figure that out soon. [​IMG]

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