Integration taking ages...


7 Years
Jul 4, 2014
I have 2 pullets who are now 13 weeks old, I integrated them with my flock of 4 one year olds when they were 9 weeks old and they were partioned off in theyre own section of the coop since 4 weeks. The pullets stay in the coop(large coop) and the olds stay out, when the pullets come out my lowest on the pecking order chases them repeatedly, the one highest on the pecking order does this too only now she has pinless peepers due to a feather picking issue... The coop is big enough for 12+ hens and the run is the same. Last night I caught one of the babies outside crying and the other one on the roost brutaly being pecked by my lowest on the pecking order so I grabbed her head/neck area
, picked her up and moved her. The olds also get peckish and mad at each other now... My flock of olds are now a little skiddish of me because of this...How long until they are all one happy flock?!?!? I want all the olds to regain my trust too and not be so mean/skiddish... I don't remember birds being this complicated and stressfull...
How big, feet by feet, is your coop and your run?
How much roost length, in feet, do you have?
Is there a roost in the partition area that they can still access?

I put in a separate roost for my youngers last year, solved the problem.
Multiple feed/water stations helps too.

Chickens are brutal tho...have six 13 weeks olds raised by a broody and they get their butts kicked every day and they roost in the partition area and sometimes even get kicked off there by the low rank older bird.

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