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8 Years
May 1, 2011
We have 4 3year old chickens 2 EE 2 SLW, and 30 4-5 week old chicks, the big birds have free range little ones have the coop during the day to them selves but i have noticed that the big birds will chase or peck the little ones not enough to really hurt or draw blood but should i be worried or is this normal?
Integrating my smaller ones with the bigger ones was nerve wracking !!!!!! The first attempt didn't work out so good, because the newer ones were quite smaller, so I put them back in their own pen. One thing I did notice though, was that if anything smaller than them came around, they would chase it until it left. They chased all of the native birds, & even a pocket gopher. I would say that the older ones are acting normal, and you might have to wait until the others are closer to their size to put them together. I am far from an expert though!!! Good luck!!!!
Well they are in the same coop during the night its an old horse barn that i close off at night so the big ones cant get at the little ones in the morn or night when i aint there to close or open it before they roost, but i open the door to the full barn during the day and noone has gotted hurt if they can get close enough to the little ones they will chase them but i have seen no blood yet so idk i think were good!

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