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    Oct 6, 2015
    I have a young rooster - his hatch date was July 27. He's been a VERY slow featherer, so while the rest of his little flock have been booted out of the garage and live on the farm, this guy is still living at home. He's ready to go I'm ready to give him the boot this weekend, but I want to do this the right way. He is covered, finally with feathers - still a bit of fuzz, but feathered. We live in Florida and our lows are mid 60's to lower 70's - chilly, but not cold.
    I've read a lot about integration, but it all seems geared toward introducing adult birds into adult bird flocks or baby, baby chicks into another brooder.

    He's closer to a baby chick than an adult.

    My thought process is to give him his own coop within sight of the bigger group. Allow the bigger group to free-range around him for a week or two - then let him free range with the group, supervised and see how that goes.

    Advice? Tips?

    PS: Thanks in advance - I've been reading the forums a long time and have gained a ton of knowledge from the group.

    Edited to add - all of the chickens were hatched on July they are in the same age group.
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    I think that you are planning things pretty well. Do as you plan and then let him out with the rest of the flock and see how he does. As he's young, the flock members are still likely to treat him as if he was a new adult hen (i.e. not be very happy about the new addition), but as long as they do not draw blood, then it should be ok.

    You could always consider a more involved process of introducing one flock member to him etc (see other threads for details) but i'd suggest doing what you plan - "suck it and see"
    Good luck

  3. MustBeeKiddin

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    Oct 6, 2015

    I'm definitely ready for him to be out of our garage!

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