Interested In All Flock Feed And Snacks For Flock Memebers

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Mar 12, 2018
Hello! I am interested in starting a flock. I want to have it all chickens, ducks, geese, swans, peafowl, turkeys the whole thing. I was just wondering if there is a feed that is universal for all these types of birds? What's the best all flock feed?

Also what are some good snacks for those types of birds? I know some types of ducks and geese like snails and insects. Are there anywhere you could get those to feed as snacks? I know they sell those types of things for people to feed to reptiles, would those be good to feed as snacks. What other types of things are good snacks?

Thanks ahead of time for anyone who takes the time to answer!
I only no of one all flock feed and it’s labeled all flock.You get snails and insects right in your front yard,are you free ranging?
As far as treats go,anything a chicken can eat,everything else probably can too.Bread,veggies leftovers,ginger snaps,ducks and geese are into minnows (My ducks go fishing in our pond),pumpkin seeds,meal worms (Usually found in the farm and homes or tractor supply’s)chicken treat blocks(other birds including ducks,geese, and turkeys.I also feed my chickens coconut oil which is good for all birds.I have also found out waterfowl frog hunt.I use to have Perkins and they would swallow huge bull frogs,entirely.As for bugs,earth worms and snails can be found under rocks,although snails are much more difficult to come across,at least where I live.When I had geese I mixed scratch and all flock feed and fed it to them,other then that,they ate grass and that was their diet.Geese eat a ton of grass,80% of their diet is grass.They never we’re big treat beggers.In the summer time moths gather up around our light and I throw them to them,as well as lots of June beetles.I smash them at night and in the morning they come running to the house.

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