Interesting note on EE egg color


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Apr 7, 2008
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Last week one of my feed store EE's (sold as Americana....harumph) started laying a nice but slightly muddy blue green egg. Today when I peeled one that I had hardboiled, I got to understand much more clearly about how pigment from whatever the other breeds involved might be over the blue pigment: the inside of the shell was a bright bright pure green, no brown, no nuttin....

I had just last week read here (probably for the umpteenth time) that the blue egg gene gives the basic egg color and that the other tints are laid over that, just never quite sunk in until my eye caught that flash of the Hawaii sea water blue....

And, yes, the peel was a b**** to get off the egg.....Too fresh by a week or two for good hard boiling and peeling....

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Oct 5, 2007
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My Coop
A little late but, I know what you mean. Seeing is believing. I have an EE hen who lays a greenish brown egg usually. I put some blue eggs (on day 18 from the bator) under a broody hen and for some reason my EE hen decided to lay a blue egg. I had to candle to figure out which one to bring in the house.

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