Interesting problem I've never run into.


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Thought I would share this with everyone and see if anyone out there has run into the same problem. As most of you know I have 3 incubators. One Brinsea octagon 20, one Hova 1602n, and an LG... I had the LG for a eggperiment, but that was voided with 8 hours of no power thanks to storms...

Since I have been using 3 bators, and I was doing the eggperiment, I put my good thermometer in the LG so that I can regulate the temp and for good record keeping.

On another post, I stated that my 1602n was hatching out on day 18.. this was due to trusting a thermometer that I knew was off but tried to do the math to correct the readings. I came home and found several pips and a zipped, but not escaped chick. I had not added any water to the bator so it was dry.. I was testing the dry method on this one. I filled the inside tray and the outside tray with warm water, replaced the eggs, and then spritzed the inside of the bator with some warm water and replaced the lid.

First egg finally hatched, but that chick was not doing well. I gave a drop of Poly-Vi-Sol and in an hour or 2 was doing much better.. Several others hatched out, some with a pea size yoke sack still attached, some the same as the first.. I noticed that the inside tray of the bator was cloudy and STUNK.... BADLY... there were no exploded eggs, just all of this run seemed to have a lot of .... extra juice with them. Also I noticed that all of these were sticky when hatched, and didn't fluff out. I cleaned a couple of them up with a wet warm washcloth, but they seem to be extra crusty. Another interesting fact is that this seemed to only effect the Buff Orphingtons. The SLW, and BA's seem to be fine and hitting the floor running and they fluffed up great!

I just had another buff hatch and a SLW and the SLW is bouncing off the side of the bator, while the Buff is just laying there, on it's back, covered in slime.

The smell became sooooo bad in the hova, that we are using the LG as a rescue incubator. The Hova is currently soaking in 10/1 bleach water. The top has just been sprayed down.

I couldn't risk putting these eggs in the Brinsea, it has Coronation Sussex, and Seramas in it. Serama's are hard enough to hatch without opening and closing the bator.

Any ideas?
Sounds like the humidity and the temperature was too high. Were the orpington eggs bigger than the rest?

If so, I would imagine they held more moisture than the smaller eggs.
pips&peeps :

Sounds like the humidity and the temperature was too high. Were the orpington eggs bigger than the rest?

If so, I would imagine they held more moisture than the smaller eggs.

Well... I could understand if I had water in the bator, but the bator hadn't been setup for lockdown yet. There was very little water in it. The RH in that bator never got over 40% and avg was 36% over my readings. That hygrometer had been calibrated. But the early hatch is because of a temp that was too warm. The last buff orpington that just hatched also didn't completely absorb the yoke sack as the other. It almost seems as though there was too much yoke for these two. The earlier one as well as this one seems bloated. Shortly after the Poly-Vi-sol it had a very large release of poo, and is just fine now, except for the little pea size remains of the yoke sack.​
my first hatch had too low humidity - I had several stuck in the eggs. A couple came out with out feathers on their heads because they were all stuck to the shell.

They didn't last long.

have to keep the H up.

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