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    Apr 6, 2012
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    I have to hens together. One is a known layer(hatched a chick from her). The other had yet to lay(a 9 month old blrw). Back I October I put in a separate coop with a young rooster. The one who was laying stopped. And the other still has not started to lay. Here is my question, Does a hen need another laying hen to lay?
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    Sep 17, 2012
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    Nope! Hens don't need anything but food, water and good health to lay eggs.

    She's probably either moulting or stressed due to weather or her new neighbour :)
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    Jan 11, 2014
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    I have 2 BLRW's. They are 9 months as well. They are with other hens who lay everyday. They were all raised together from day 1. Neither one lays yet. From my research, I've learned they can be late bloomers. I'm sure that the short days also has something to do with it. Just be patient. When the weather breaks, we will both get eggs from them. [​IMG]

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