Interesting Rooster Behavior...


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Feb 23, 2009
Walkertown, North Carolina
I was out in the chicken area most of the day and had a chance to observe a pair I keep penned up in a separate run that has a big dog kennel in it, and roosting branches. I think the rooster was trying to get his wife to go broody. He spent two hours making her a nest and rearranging the shavings in it, sitting on it, going in and out of the kennel, and dancing around her. All the time he was making this strange noise halfway between a purr and a growl. She would go in and out of the kennel, and frequently they were both in there. I had let four eggs collect on her nest but I took them out yesterday. He actually spent time sitting on the nest in the kennel...I've never even seen him go in there...that run is covered with metal roofing against rain, and to provide shade. Finally she laid an egg and he just went ballistic singing and crowing and strutting around, and going in the box (when she left it) and looking at the egg. I don't think she was convinced to sit on it yet but it started pouring and I had to come in. If she sits on it, I'll give her back her four eggs. But if she does go broody (she is over a year old and it would be the first time) it is because he romanced her, and talked her into it. Or a very big coincidence.


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Jun 5, 2010
Jeremiah, Ky.
He wants babies!


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Apr 30, 2010
The Beautiful Ozarks
I am glad to see this thread!! I have a new, big Buff Orpington Roo that has taken a liking to a couple of my Barred-Rock hens. He did the same thing yesterday! The biggest reason it caught my attention was because of the growl noise I heard. I never knew a chicken could sound like that but he was doing the same. He made a beautiful circle in the nest and kept going in and out and dancing around her and I found him sitting in there. I thought maybe he was sitting on an egg she had laid but, no, he was just growling and cooing and I believe he was trying to wooo her! It was too cool!

A couple nights ago, I went to close my coop up for the night and I just have to share this with you. This is for real now, I saw my Silkie Roo sitting his girlfriend, a White Silkie hen. They were on their roost and, I kid you not, he had his wing open and over her back. FOR REAL!! I got back to the house and told my hubby....I know he thought I had flipped, but, it was real!!! Have any of you ever seen that? Sorry, not wanting to get off on another subject......but, it's amazing how it all works! Roosters woooing their girlfriends! Just amazing!

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