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    Mar 6, 2014

    I believe this is a first egg from our barred rock, the only other near ready to lay is an Ameraucana. I've read that first eggs can, and often are, irregular and can be misshapen along with a variety of other abnormalities including discoloration. These spots are textured, meaning they are raised and almost feel like the putty you'd use to fill holes in a sheet-rock wall. The larger spots are rougher to the touch. Anyone ever seen an egg like this? If we see another like this tomorrow, should we be concerned? We have 6 girls, 26 weeks old, only two laying so far but we know which two and have identified their eggs by size and color, and this was in addition to our normal two eggs today.

    It honestly reminds me of something that has been a casualty of the paint splatters commonly seen when painting a room. If they painted the inside of the nest boxes today, I'm unaware of it!
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    Even one or two of my older hens(2 1/2 yrs) do that from time to time.

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