Intergrating my chickens and my one has a wound


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Jun 14, 2016
I have 2 groups of golden comets I just merged together last month. They are 1 year old and 5 months old. I have another group of 4 months old bantams (2 bantam roosters, 1 bantam hen) and 2 red sussex hens. I tried to let the bantams out with the golden comets and the comets almost killed the 1 bantam rooster within minutes so I had to put them back in the pen inside the coop. They have been in the same coop just separated by chicken wire for 2 months now. How can I get them to all play nice? The bantams are still about half the size of the comets. Do I take the 2 red sussex hens away from the bantams and try to merge them with the comets and wait til the bantams get even bigger? Or should I just wait for the bantams to get bigger and merge all 5 with my 12 comets?

Other question is how do I put a t shirt on my one comet? She has a wound that I keep spraying but she keeps picking the scab off and I read to put a baby shirt on her and cut the arms out for her wings. Any other suggestions or should I just grab a 12 month old baby t shirt and put it on her at night when she is sleepy?


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Jul 16, 2015
I keep my bantam separate. I do keep some mature bantam roosters in my large breed flock who hold their own. Depending on the breeds, bantams can be too meek to keep with the bigger breeds, especially if they are a minority.

I usually let my chickens tend to their own wounds, they can keep it clean and free of maggots, and I haven't seen them hurt themselves. A shirt will interfere with that. If other birds are pecking at it separate her out within the coop until she heals.

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