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    Is there a time frame where we should know if a hen has internal injuries?

    My dog injured a hen today and tore out a lot of feathers. I can't find any bite marks but tonight while making sure she'd gotten herself on the roost I saw a small amount of dark red stuff on her vent. I can't tell if it's came out of her or if it's a stratch. It hasn't gotten worse nor has it gotten better. I went ahead and took her out of the coop, gave her a bath and scrambled eggs. she's been eating feed just fine, acting completely normal. I have her caged inside since she's wet. Just wondering how long I need to worry. It happened 6-7 hours ago.

    Wanted to add that she's pooped a few times and there is no blood in her poo.
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    Like us sometimes it takes a bit for injuries to be noticeable. Check for bruising, can look green under the skin. Check her abdomen for any hardness and if she is in discomfort while you are checking. I watch the pupils sometimes they dilate and constrict fast when in pain. No sign of blood, or coffee ground looking color in poo she shouldn't have had anything ruptured that is coming out of the vent. Have her rest for a bit turn her over and check abdomen for a discoloration under the skin like pooling under the skin. If no discoloration she should be fine.

    Shock can last 24hrs or more and hard to keep body temp regulated. Keep her warm and able to move from the heat if she wants. Check her skin, if she is cooler than normal she is still shocky. They are very warm under wings and on inside of thighs. Legs and feet should not be cool feeling. Give her some electrolytes. It sound like you are doing everything right. Just givee her a good going over to check for other injuries.

    Hope she recovers quickly!

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