Internal layer even without having laid an egg yet?

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    I posted last Sunday about a hen who had removed herself from the flock, was uninterested in treats, and stayed on the roost with her head under her wing. She seemed dis-interested in the other chickens, and seemed to wander a bit aimlessly (when not on the roost).

    I brought her inside, and gave her only water with ACV for about 24 hours. Her poop was cream-colored and completely liquid. After 24 hrs, I gave her straight olive oil (dripped onto her beak) as she would not touch the olive oil soaked bread. I massaged her crop, which was very hard. By Tuesday, she was passing more solid material, only it was a very dark brown, small, and really smelly. I was very concerned that she would have to be put down. She wasn't eating much, and the stool concerned me. On Wed, she passed very normal looking stool-twice (YAY). Thursday, I offered her yogurt and made a mash of layer crumbles, warm water, and olive oil. I ordered wormer (Ivomec Eprinex), and wormed her on Saturday (within minutes of its delivery).

    I offered her some grit and mash on Saturday. She was _very_ interested in the grit. Today, I made her a scrambled egg, and she ate enthusiastically, but did not eat very much.

    Her comb is BRIGHT red, and I do not believe that she has yet layed an egg (ever...I know this because I have never had more than 20 eggs, and I got that after she was removed from the flock which, without her, is 20) she is a 20 week old Red Star

    All the while, I have massaged her crop, which remains small and hard.

    soft foods--check
    ACV in water--check
    olive oil--check
    fresh "bedding towel" every other day--check

    Could she be laying internally, even though she's never laid an egg?

    Her vent is very pale...does that matter?

    She is perky, bright-eyed, has a beautiful red comb...

    Why won't she eat very much?

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    I'm not sure what it is. Is her belly soft or hard? Hopefully some one can help you so bump.
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    Her belly feels soft, and I couldn't feel any possible egg bumps [​IMG]

    I just don't want to put her back with the others until she shows me she will eat. Her poop is pretty normal now...there just isn't much of it.


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