International "Silkie Bible!" (PICS)

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  1. While visiting the SNCA show this weekend in Louisiana, the American Silkie Bantam Club members had the once in a lifetime opportunity (for most) to meet some of the International Silkie breeders and judges. One even wrote a book on Silkies, and had two extra copies with him, and I was able to get one! Autographed even! It is completely written in Dutch, but covers every aspect of Silkie imaginable - history, varieties, health, confirmation, genetics, etc... His wife is going to be translating the text into english for me and will email it to me so that I can read the book. I'll have pictures of me and the author in a few days, after we get them uploaded. I couldn't wait to show y'all! It was TRULY a priceless experience meeting this very distinguished and educated Silkie breeders from another part of the world.

    Their Silkies are much much MUCH different than ours, but they have more varieties. They actually have colors like, Lavender Cuckoo, Red, Columbian, Citrus/Lemon, and SOOO many more!

    Here is the front cover


    Front page


    Authors Autograph


    Couple of page shots



    Pictures of Silkies from 1927!!!!


    Oh! And we were given some bumper stickers from the Dutch Silkie Club!

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    those ones in the pics seems to have moderate crest on them...
  3. Some of their Silkies do, however, most are quite smaller than the American Silkies. We learned that TOO large of a crest in Europe is undesirable. They like to be able to see the eyes of the bird without having to lift the crest. We were also told that it should be more of an upward shape, as opposed to the very large ROUND crests we have here.

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