Interviewed for one job, think I'm getting another...


11 Years
Oct 16, 2008
Lacey, WA
So I'm struggling at work because I can no longer physically manage 12 hour days.
My department does not accommodate 8 hour shifts. As a result, in the last couple weeks I've applied for 2 different jobs within my company. Today I interviewed for a position under my current manager (who does NOT 'get' me AT ALL, I might add). I think the interview went well, but the shifts are 10 hours and I'd have to take call. I need to mention that last week when I went to her about that position she spent about 5 minutes telling me that I wasn't a good fit, "but I'd like you to interview anyways." I went along with it because I am determined to show this lady that she doesn't intimidate me (I think she sees right through my facade~ she terrifies me).
I decided after the interview that I would let her know I applied for another position in the company (NOT under her). Her face lit up and she couldn't stop talking about how good I'd do in that position! She promised to recommend me to the manager of that department right away. Personally I think we will BOTH be relieved when I don't work for her anymore.

To my fellow BYCers~ Please send a prayer my way!! I'd love this other position. It's 8 hours, 3 days a week. I could pick up an extra shift in my original department as my energy permits, and wouldn't have to use so much sick time! MAYBE I could even take a vacation in the future!
Good luck! You're fortunate to have these choices. I've worked 12 hour shifts and they wore me out after awhile, 3 days off after a week of those long hours seemed too short. Eight hour shifts are good, but I always worked graveyard...which has its advantages and disadvantages. I ended up prefering to work part time which suit me just fine, more money in my pocket. (Uncle Sam doesnt take as much taxes out of the paycheck) lol, not to mention more time off!
Good luck, will be thinking good thoughts for you!!! I think 12 hour shifts are terrible on all workers, and its a proven fact if you work a swing shift, you take about 15 years off of your natural life. I really hope it works out for you!!! That boss of yours sounds like a ding dong. When her face lit up like a Xmas tree when you told her about the other job you applied for, you should have said, "why don't you tell me how you REALLY feel!!!" Gosh!!!!

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