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Last year (as in Dec or Nov) a chicken friend of ours got 12 hatching eggs of what were supposed to be rosecombs. The seller told her "yeah good hatch rates I mean mine have always hatched 100%" friend payed $20 as the seller said they were good quality aswell. Well, friend only hatched 2 chicks and the chicks didn't turn out to be rosecombs. The seller is a local person, as this is a small, un-incorporated town, and didn't want to do a refund.

In my mom's friend's position I would be mad. But from the seller's viewpoint I'm not sure how I would react. Maybe ask if I could see what she hatched out and think "oops" and I'd give her.. Well actually. Hm. Hatch the rosecombs out myself, the number that I owe her, and do it that way I guess. But that's only if it was an absolute mistake.
I've seen the birds. Not rosecombs lol. Some mutt chickens. I like them either way and I like the Japanese Bantams friend has, she's very nice, during the summer she let's me pick japanese beetles from her yard as a snack for my flock.

So what would you do in the seller's position? I'm too nice and I would either give her chicks of the right breed and the right number that I owe her or give her sexed adult rosecombs, maybe 4 laying hens and a rooster. I don't like people getting mad at me lol.
I would never be in that position as I would not mis-represent my product, but I would give them an apology and twenty bucks.
We run a small business. (Although we sell tractor parts, not eggs, so we know what the product is before it leaves the place) If a customer is unhappy about their purchase, even though the product has been CLEARLY described, we give a refund. Why? Because word-of-mouth can be a person's best or worst advertising. More often the worst, because people are alot quicker to complain about a product or business than they are to compliment it. So, to make a short answer even longer, I'd give the money back or hatch out 20 chicks, make sure they were rosecombs and replace them.
I don't think I'd be in that position either, I can't seem to let go of little ones. It's so fun to watch them grow up.
I don't run a business though. Huh I wonder why she doesn't refund. Oh well not my business, my chin is bleeding and goodnight to all!
You can't control the hatching conditions other people use, so that can be a sticky situation. For chicks that aren't the right breed, that should be a full refund or replacement eggs of the correct breed.
My feelings also. People's hatch rates are all across the board from what I have read here on the board. I however would certainly give either a 50% refund or at the very least two more eggs of the correct breed.... (does the original seller consider the birds the correct breed??) Maybe he is just mis-informed...
This comes closest to what I'd say. I've picked up hatching eggs locally and sometimes get lousy hatch rates, much worse than using my eggs. For example, 14 out of 16 of mine and 5 out of 12 of the ones I drove to pick up in the same hatch. The seller can't control how I incubate them and I can't control how they were handled before I got them. The person I bought these from was not doing a business, just happened to have what I wanted. I wasn't real happy that 7 of the 12 did not hatch, but I paid my money and I took my chances. I can only control what I can control.

I don't know if the person doing the selling is a business or just a backyard flock owner that sold a few hatching eggs. If I were the seller, I'd give some more eggs or a refund, not because of the hatch rate but because the breed was wrong. But just because it is a small town does not mean that seller will.
Another example of why you must inquire into reputation before you buy.

I've heard many people who think they can separate the birds for a couple of days and then their eggs will be purebred. Even heard some folks that run all their birds together and still insist the eggs will be purebred.

I won't refund for non-hatching. There is no way that any eggs would leave here that are not purebred and not the breed I say they are. But, as a "what if", then, yes, I would replace eggs if they were not the breed I said they were.

Which, in my case, I would suspect that the hatcher was either confused or lying, trying to get a freebie. Not accusing your friend, Mootchie, because they didn't get their hatching eggs from me. Surely no one on BYC would lie about what they received in order to get more for free.

My breeds are well separated 2 months before hatching eggs are collected. Eggs are marked when they are collected. But not everybody does it that way. I sure hear a lot of stories about chicks hatching out and not being the breed expected. Seems to especially happen with really expensive eggs.

Check reputation before you buy.

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