Intro-hello from boulder CO :)


Nov 17, 2020
Hello, just joined. We have had chickens (and ducks) since March of this year. We've owned some land and have been prepared, but finally took the plunge at the start of COVID, in preparation for being at home for a long while.

So, we bought six chicks at a local hardware store and two from a feed store. One Amberlink, one sapphire gem, two jersey giant blacks, two americaunas, and two buff oprintons.

We lost a buff ("Fat Amy") to a raccoon, along with one female duck, about 2.5 weeks ago. We've had chickens for about 9 months and they are all great layers, sweet and good personalities. They are pretty easy. No problems as chicks, or transitioning at all.

Recently, our golden was chasing a rabbit and ran right over our Amberlink "Lemon", so she now has a leg injury and that is why I am here. I'll post on this elsewhere...

Happy chicken-keeping! :)
Welcome to BYC! I know how you feel we lost the hens we had for years and they were laying good eggs ! Had to start all over . To top it off every one sold out on chicks when this virus started . Thank God TSC got some in but we have been eating store bought eggs . Yokes pale in color and watery whites gag ! I hate them . They would gag a maggot ! On a better note have fun plenty of information here at BYC! :yesss: :frow

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