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Dec 7, 2015
Hey! I'm new to all this. We have a rooster who is used to being in the cold. But now I have 9 chickens (will be 6 weeks old on Wed 12/9) and 6 that are only a week old. I obviously know that the little ones won't be outside and integrated for a little while yet, but am curious when I should be putting the older ones into the coop (not heated - but is a converted shed). We live in Pennsylvania and right now the temp is about 35° outside. I've been seeing different information for how to get them integrated outside. Yesterday was a nicer day and I let them outside (in a fenced in area) for about an hour and a half. How long do you suggest before they are in the coop full time? They are cochins also (as is the rooster who is older). I'll keep taking them outside for periods but not sure when they should be outside overnight for the first time and want to make sure I'm doing this right!

Den in Penn

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Dec 15, 2011
SE Pa.
When they are fully feathered, around six weeks, they will be able to handle all but extreme cold. If they aren't feathered yet by all means keep acclimating them. So if your part of Pa weather is like mine is going to be for the next week with only the over night temperatures going below freezing it would be the ideal time to start them.

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