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10 Years
Jun 16, 2009
Hey guys

Finally got in, had a few moments while registering, never got my password, waited two days and tried contacting admins three times. I decided to reregister, used a different Username and my work email address. BUT I AM HERE, and it's all good.

Littel history/bio on myself. 51 years old, I prefer to call it forty - eleven, married, three grown children, one granddaughter (4yo). My hobbies are boating, fishing, working on my 14 acre ponderosa. In the past I have had cattle, horses, chickens, and ducks. But as my children got older they demanded more time so I took a break from animal husbandry. Several times I had several hundred chickens running around the place. Got my chicks either by hatching myself, mail order, feedstore purchase or drop offs. That's right drop offs, car stops at the end of the driveway, young lady gets out and throws several chickens into my yard, drives off.

In the passt I raised chickens for both meat and eggs, presently I think I am going to attempt to stay small, keep to egg only operation. I used to sell my yard eggs at work and to the public. When I had a surplus I would donate them to the local homeless shelter.

As of right now the only stock I have is 9, 4 week old baby chickens. Breeds, well I know I got a couple buttercups, a cochin of some sort, maybe a white rock, and some black jobs that are up for any breed they can be nominated too.

Strange thing got my baby chicks from the local feed store on free chick day. 10 free chicks and a feeder with the purchase of 50# of feed. Well by the time my wife finished shopping at the feed store those free chicks cost $43. HaHaHa!!!!

My granddaughter was my insiparation to get chickens again.

Why I only have 9 chickens when I got 10 chickens 4 weeks ago? Lost one just this past Sunday to flipover. Granddaughter thinks he went to live on a big farm.

Soon as I can figure out the picture format I will post some pictures of my biddies. Then maybe I'll got to the gender/breed forum and have some fun. Next project is to get me a chicken tractor built.

Anyhow I hope to be a valuable member here, I am not up on all the new tech stuff but I am familiar with the old time remedies.

from PA! Sounds like you're a man with a plan!
Okay here is the first try at a picture. If it works it is a picture of my 4 year old granddaughter when we brought the chicks home.

I know it may be considered a foepah to respond to my own thread but shot that is the first time a picture ever worked on the first try!!!!!!
Hi Stevens
from S. Florida. Love the pic of your granddaughter with the chicks! So glad she talked you back into chickens again. I don't think you will be disappointed!
So glad you found us all here. You're gonna love it.

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