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Mar 29, 2018
Northeastern Oklahoma
Hey y'all... super excited to be here! I am a 32 y/o RN from Oklahoma.... obsessed with my little family, and my chickens!

I have a flock that we basically "adopted" from someone who could no longer care for them, there are 11 hens made up of mostly RIR's and a RIR Rooster, who we've affectionately named "Hey Hey" because of a slow start as a roo ;) They were fully grown when we got them. We have had these for a year and a half and they are GREAT. Except the roo doesn't like my daughter suddenly, so that's how I found this site and I have found a lot of great info!!!

We also have a small flock of 4 bantams that we have hand raised, 3 hens and a roo (started as 5, but lost the smallest one over the winter)... I didn't INTEND to get bantams, but as a newbie I went to the feed store, got some chicks and found out later what I actually had. They're broody little things and we just had the first two eggs of our own hatch, SUPER exciting!

The two separate flocks free range in harmony on our little piece of property on the prairie (about 3 acres) and have their own coops they go into at night. :) That's about it. Looking forward to reading more! :)
welcome.gif Welcome to backyard Chickens!

Bantams are great for small flocks

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