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Nov 15, 2019
Take two...I hope I did it right this timeHello! We live in Texas on several acres of land. I've been raising chickens for about a year now for eggs. We currently have 7 hens of various breeds (RIR, PBR, Americanas) and are raising a few more chicks (Black Australorp, OE, Black Copper Maran) to add to our flock in a few months. We love our ladies and their wonderful eggs. Our girls free range during the day and have a very secure run and coop for bad weather days and night time. I have been using BYC for information since I started raising chicks about a year ago and decided to join because I have an interesting challenge with one of my hens I can't seem to figure out. So I thought I'd join and see if anyone could help me figure it out. I'm going to start a thread with my issue and hopefully figure out whats going on.
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